Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Tribal Matrix - Revised Report . Methods


The construction of the Tribal Matrix and identification of programs that are managed by each Tribe required: 1) identification of each federally-recognized Tribe (and of individual Alaska Native Tribes that participate in AN corporations); and 2) identification of data sources and individuals in the federal government that could provide information on Tribal management of the specific DHHS programs of interest.

Federally-recognized Tribes

A complete list of all federally-recognized Tribes was obtained from the Federal Register(1). This list was then cross-referenced with Indian Health Service information to match Alaska Native Tribes to Alaska Native Corporations and with other inter-Tribal organizations that may hold compacts, contracts, or grants as a consortium.

Sources of Data on Tribal Management of DHHS Programs

Project staff searched each DHHS program area website, as an initial step, to determine whether the program maintained a list of Tribal entities that hold contracts, grants, or compacts to manage specific programs. Then, direct telephone contacts were made with staff associated with each program area to verify the accuracy of information obtained from the website or to request information on Tribal management of programs.

For several programs (5), the information required was maintained on the federal agencies' websites; information was provided by program staff for the remaining 7 programs. Below, we list the source of information on Tribal management for each program.

Program Source

Reflects FY

Community Services Block Grant 2001
Grants for Native Americans Yvonne Jackson, Director, Office of American Indian, Alaska Native, And Native Hawaiian Programs, AoA 2002
Promoting Safe and Stable Families Vicki Wright, Children's Bureau, DHHS/ACF/ACYF 2002
Low Income Home Energy Assistance For Needy Families Charlotte Abney, Office of Community, Services, DHHS/ACF 2003
Child Welfare Services Vicki Wright, Children's Bureau, DHHS/ACF/ACYF 2002
Tribal TANF Programs 2002
Administration for Children and Families Peter Thompson, Office of Grants Mgmt., DHHS/ACF/OA 2002
Native Employment Works Ann Bowker, Office of Community, Services, DHHS/ACF 2002
Child Care & Development Fund Grantees Ginny Gorman, Child Care Bureau, DHHS/ACF/ACYF, 2002
Head Start 2002
I.H.S. Ben Smith, Office of Tribal Self-Governance 2003