Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Evaluation Issues, Questions, and Data Requirements. 1.2 Objectives of This Draft Report


The Technical Working Group spent a substantial amount of time reviewing and providing guidance on the evaluation objectives, appropriate evaluation issues and research questions, and the data that could be sought from Tribes to support an evaluation. This Draft Report on Evaluation Issues, Questions, and Data Requirements has been developed to clearly incorporate the TWG's input into the Evaluation Feasibility Study design and to build on that input to develop an approach that reflects the guidance and priorities expressed by TWG members.

In the next section of this Draft Report, an overview of the objectives of the Tribal Self-Governance Evaluation Feasibility Study is provided and the implications of those objectives for the design of the Study are discussed. In Section 3, a number of potential evaluation issues are discussed and associated research questions and the data that would be required to address those questions are presented.