Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Communications Plan. Communications with the Technical Working Group


As the critical core advisory group for the project, the Technical Working Group (TWG) will be established by early January, 2003 and hold its first meeting in early February.  The TWG will be comprised of 10 Tribal leaders, directors of Tribally-managed health and social services programs, representatives of Tribal organizations (plus other informal, ex officio, research and data experts).

The TWG will be expected to advise and comment on all aspects of this project and, thus, communications and sharing of information on an ongoing basis with the TWG (as with the Tribal Leaders above) is essential.  Thus, the Communication Strategy for this group is one that is ongoing and goes beyond the routine approach of providing information only to support formal scheduled meetings of the TWG.  Key elements of this process for TWG members include:

  • TWG members will be provided with the Project Description, Project Work Plan, the address of the DHHS website containing all background information on the DHHS Self-Governance project and specific information on this feasibility study, and the Summary of the Initial Project Meeting immediately upon their agreement to participate in the TWG;
  • TWG members will be provided, by mail or electronically, copies of each month’s summary of the Monthly Conference Call and the Monthly Progress Report;
  • TWG members will also receive all subsequent final deliverables/reports, as the TOMs approve them;
  • Prior to each TWG meeting, TWG members will be provided with draft documents, a list of issues, and background for discussion of each issue.   Following the TWG meeting, a summary of the discussion and the resolutions reached on how best to address each issue;
  • TWG members will be encouraged to contact the TOMs and the Co-Principal Investigators by telephone or email at any time during the project, to ask questions and to discuss any issues that they would like to have considered by the project team.

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