Tribal Self-Governance Health Care and Social Services Delivery Effectiveness Evaluation Feasibility Study: Draft Communications Plan. Communications with the Government Task Order Managers and Interested Federal Agency Staff


Communications among the Westat team, the government TOMs, and other interested federal agency staff will be an ongoing and frequent activity throughout the project.  Most of the key elements of this component of the Communications Strategy are usual elements of well-managed projects, including:

  • A monthly conference call with the TOMs, and with other interested federal agency staff, to discuss progress and outstanding issues;
  • A summary of the monthly conference call, documenting issues and progress, will be prepared and sent to the TOMs for approval and then distributed to all monthly conference call participants;
  • A Monthly Progress Report, documenting all project activities, deliverables, schedule adherence or changes, and outstanding issues, will be prepared and sent to the TOMs;
  • Frequent informal telephone meetings will be held with the TOMs to discuss project activity details and issues as key tasks are initiated and to obtain guidance as new issues arise;
  • All formal deliverables will be submitted in draft form initially, to permit the TOMs to review and suggest changes prior to wider dissemination of these reports.

In addition, the discussion of the project communications strategy at the initial project meeting also suggested that the DHHS website established for the project continue to broadcast what is happening with the project.  This website and the information it contains will be an important component of the project Communications Strategy, providing a central source of information to all interested federal agency staff, Tribal leaders, AI/AN organizations, and the Technical Working Group that will advise the project.  To ensure that there is wide awareness of the website and its contents, the project team and the TOMs will contact other federal agencies and national AI/AN organizations to request that information and a link to the DHHS Self-Governance website be placed on these agencies/organizations websites.  Throughout the project, the project team will provide to the TOMs an electronic copy of all communications and reports that the TOMs choose to place on the website; final versions of these documents will be converted into HTML format for posting on the Web.

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