Trends in Premiums in the Small Group and Individual Insurance Markets, 2008-2011. Trends in Transparency: Public Websites and Mandatory SERFF Filing


Since passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, 23 states have added a public website where interested parties can read either complete rate filings or summaries of rate filings (Table 13). Among the 23 states that launched public websites, nearly all (21) received state grants from DHHS to prepare for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Table 13: Listing of States Adding Public Websites and Mandatory SERFF Filing Following Passage of the Affordable Care Act

State Added Public Website Post-ACA Added Mandatory SERFF filing, 2010-2011 Received Cycle I Grant Received Cycle II grant
States in Sample
Alabama x   x  
Arkansas   x x x
California x   x x
Colorado     x x
Connecticut x x x  
Hawaii     x x
Illinois x1 x x x
Iowa x2      
Indiana x   x x
Kansas x   x  
Kentucky x   x x
Massachusetts     x x
Maine     x  
Maryland     x x
Michigan     x x
Minnesota x     x
New Jersey x   x x
North Carolina     x x
Nebraska x x x  
Ohio     x x
Oklahoma x      
Oregon     x x
Pennsylvania     x x
Rhode Island x   x x
South Dakota     x x
Virginia x   x  
Washington x   x  
Wisconsin x   x x
SUB-TOTAL 16 4 25 19
States not in Sample
Arizona     x  
Delaware x   x  
District of Columbia x   x x
Louisiana     x  
Mississippi     x x
Missouri     x  
Montana     x  
Nevada   x x x
New Hampshire     x x
New Mexico x2   x x
New York x   x x
North Dakota     x  
South Carolina x x x  
Tennessee x   x x
Texas     x  
Utah     x x
Vermont x   x x
West Virginia     x x
SUB-TOTAL 7 2 18 10
TOTAL US 23 6 43 29

1 Site not updated
2 Site removed
Twenty-seven states now require carriers to file using SERFF, compared to nine in 2008 (see Table 4). SERFF provides a standard format making it much easier for one to read and collect data from rate filings. Without a standardized format, rate filings may be more than 1,000 pages long, with each filing organized differently. Since 2010, six additional states have mandated the use of SERFF – Arkansas, Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

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