Trends in Premiums in the Small Group and Individual Insurance Markets, 2008-2011. Data Collection


NORC contracted with Perr & Knight to conduct site visits to state insurance regulators, copy filings, and produce electronic PDF files for each filing on-site. Perr & Knight downloaded PDFs of the filings onto a NovaRest website. NovaRest was then to extract the relevant data from the filings and enter them into an Excel file.

Although Perr & Knight delivered more than 10,000 PDFs in the first round, NORC discovered that only a small portion of the documents recovered were complete filings matching the criteria for the study.

Many filings identified as rate filings were in fact form filings or factor filings. Also, filings that were identified as small group were often large group. Finally, filings identified as comprehensive sometimes were in fact Medicare Supplemental or limited-benefit policies.

To correct for the low number of filings, we accessed state websites for additional filings and NovaRest contacted state insurance departments where they had reliable and direct contacts. Even after gathering more filings for the sample carriers, the results were disappointing. To gather more relevant and usable filings for our database, we gathered additional filings from carriers outside of the original sample in states where we could access rate filings from state websites. This resulted in 2,809 filings in the database comprised of the 734 filings matching the study criteria originally delivered by Perr & Knight, 1,764 filings downloaded from state websites by NovaRest and NORC, and 311 filings obtained directly from state insurance departments by NovaRest.

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