Toward Understanding Homelessness: The 2007 National Symposium on Homelessness Research. Homeless Youth in the United States: Recent Research Findings and Intervention Approaches. Service Utilization


Despite extensive demonstration of the needs of homeless adolescents, few studies have explicitly attempted to document the full range of service utilization among this needy group. In a recent study done in Detroit (described in more detail below), a majority of both homeless and matched housed youth failed to receive adequate services given their risks for disturbances in medical and psychosocial functioning (Toro & Goldstein, 2000). Only 2 percent of the homeless youth reported utilizing soup kitchen or outreach services, while 18 percent reported using inpatient or outpatient psychological services (Toro & Goldstein, 2000). Following youths for over two years showed that less than 1 percent reported using services after the initial interview.

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