Targeted Help for the Hard-to-Employ: Outcomes of Two Philadelphia Welfare-to-Work Programs. Study Design and Research Questions


This study is designed to describe the outcomes for RSC and TWC participants. Since it is not based on the random assignment of clients to these programs, differences in the outcomes for RSC and TWC participants do not provide evidence of program impacts or the relative effectiveness of these two program models. The study does, however, provide an overall description of Philadelphias WtW participants outcomes after program entry and a comparison of the outcomes for different populations served with different program approaches.

The study examines RSC and TWC participant outcomes  employment, earnings, and TANF receipt over time  and addresses two sets of related questions:

What were the outcomes of RSC and TWC enrollees?Were they able to find employment? To what extent did they retain and advance in their employment? What were their earnings over time? Were they able to move off TANF? How different were these outcomes for enrollees in the RSCs and TWC?

What factors were associated with RSC and TWC enrollees outcomes?Were there notable differences in the characteristics of enrollees in the RSC and TWC programs before and at program enrollment? To what extent were such factors as enrollees characteristics before and at program enrollment, enrollees program participation, and economic conditions after program enrollment associated with their outcomes?

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