Survey Design for TANF Caseload Project: Summary Report and Recommendations. Recommended Measures


We recommend asking a total of 13 measures under the topic of employment status. Three items will cover employment history: (1) whether a respondent worked during the past 12 months, (2) how many months he or she worked during that time, and (3) the number of jobs held. We also recommend asking for the total number of current jobs a respondent has. Time permitting, we would recommend asking for the total hours per week a respondent worked at all jobs.

We recommend asking 10 measures to collect detailed information about a single job, either the respondents current job, the main job if he or she holds more than one current job, or the most recent job held. Questions would cover: (1) length of employment, (2) hours worked per week, (3) whether the job is seasonal or temporary, (4) the shift or time of day worked, (5) industry and occupation, (6) hourly rate of pay, (7) weekly or monthly earnings, (8) type of employee benefits offered, (9) perceived job advancement opportunity, and (10) reasons for leaving the job. We recommend using the employment status measures from the Nebraska survey.

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