Survey Design for TANF Caseload Project: Summary Report and Recommendations. Rationale for Why the Topic Was Chosen


A pregnancy or birth of a child can have a significant impact on a womans ability to obtain and maintain employment. Work-related tardiness and absenteeism can be higher for pregnant or recently delivered mothers, behaviors most employers frown upon. Child care issues, such as the affordability and reliability of child care for low-income women, can have an impact on work performance as well. Low-income women are more likely to deliver low-birthweight infants, an outcome associated with delaying the start of prenatal care until after the first trimester. This delay can lead to serious medical repercussions during pregnancy, as well as complications during and after delivery. The care of a premature or low-birthweight infant can be more demanding than for a full-term infant. These circumstances can increase individual and family stress and be an obvious barrier to working or seeking employment.

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