Supporting Families in Transition: A Guide to Expanding Health Coverage in the Post-Welfare Reform World. The guide is organized into four chapters


Reaching Families Who Seek TANF Assistance. This chapter addresses the specific circumstances of families seeking TANF assistance. It outlines the Medicaid and CHIP requirements that states must meet when receiving and processing applications from these families, and identifies practices and techniques that states may wish to consider in designing their TANF programs and their application and enrollment processes to ensure maximum participation of families.

Maintaining Coverage for Families Who Leave TANF Assistance. This chapter focuses on the circumstances of families leaving the TANF system. It outlines applicable Medicaid legal requirements and options, and strategies and techniques that states may wish to consider in designing their Medicaid programs and the administration of their TANF programs to ensure maximum continued eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP.

Reaching Families Outside the TANF System. This chapter focuses on the ways in which states can help low-income families who are not seeking TANF assistance to obtain health insurance through Medicaid and/or CHIP. States have an opportunity here to capitalize on the delinkage of Medicaid from welfare eligibility by marketing Medicaid as well as CHIP coverage as a freestanding support for working families — untied to TANF. This chapter also emphasizes the need to reach out to lowincome families and inform them of the health coverage available to them under Medicaid and CHIP.

Funding Opportunities. The final chapter identifies sources of funds that are available to states to pay for outreach, training, and other activities critical to supporting compliance with Medicaid requirements and maximizing coverage of lowincome families with children.

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