Supporting Families in Transition: A Guide to Expanding Health Coverage in the Post-Welfare Reform World. CHIP Funds


State spending on CHIP-related outreach activities is matched from the state's CHIP allotment. States may spend up to 10 percent of their total CHIP expenditures (Federal and state) on non-benefit activities, including outreach. These expenditures are matched at the enhanced CHIP matching rate. At state option, outreach activities related to a CHIP Medicaid expansion can be matched either from the state's CHIP allotment (at the CHIP enhanced matching rate) or at the regular Medicaid administrative matching rate. If a state elects to claim the CHIP match rate for outreach expenditures related to the CHIP Medicaid expansion, then the Federal matching payments count against 10 percent limit and the CHIP allotment. If the state exceeds either limit, it may claim matching for the additional costs of these activities at the regular administrative matching rate under the Medicaid program.

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