Support and Services at Home (SASH) Evaluation: First Annual Report. 3.3. Property Characteristics


In Table 1, we present the property characteristics for SASH program and comparison properties, using HUD data from calendar year 2012. Because there are differences between the two HUD property data sources, we present statistics separately for properties listed in the PIC and TRACS data bases.

We were able to link intervention and comparison group beneficiaries to 37 SASH program properties, 104 non-SASH/MAPCP Demonstration properties, and 124 non-SASH/non-MAPCP Demonstration properties in the TRACS data base. Overall, the SASH properties and the two sets of comparison group properties have many similarities. The TRACS data show that SASH program properties on average have a larger number of housing units than non-SASH/MAPCP program properties (38 vs. 25) but are much smaller than properties in the non-SASH/non-MAPCP group (38 vs. 70). SASH properties in the TRACS data base have a higher percentage of elderly residents (72% versus 41% or 59%), and are more likely to be in a metropolitan area (41% vs. 27% and 30%). There is also some variation in the distribution of type of financing across the three groups.

We were also able to link intervention and comparison group beneficiaries to 11 SASH program properties, three non-SASH/MAPCP Demonstration properties, and 37 non-SASH/non-MAPCP Demonstration properties in the PIC data base representing a much smaller proportion of SASH program and comparison group beneficiaries. Similar to TRACS, the PIC data show that the properties in the three groups generally have similar characteristics with a few noted differences. Mean number of years of occupancy, mean household income and mean tenant rent is highest among non-SASH/MAPCP Demonstration comparison group beneficiaries compared to the other two samples. There are no voucher holders in the two comparison groups. The voucher holders in the SASH program group are included only because they live in designated SASH properties.

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