Summary of CICH Interim Reports. System Outcomes


Interim system-level findings after the initial two years of the CICH included:

  • There was a significant increase in the implementation of practices that encourage system integration, as well as in actual levels of system integration themselves, particularly on the measure of joint service planning and coordination.
  • There was a significant increase in the availability of information on client and service delivery, in the implementation of homeless management information systems, and in the use of evidence-based mental health practices.
  • There was no significant association between client outcomes and the use of evidence-based practices or measures of collaboration and trust among CICH network agencies during CICH clients' first year of participation in the program.

The preliminary client outcome findings suggest that a diverse population of chronically homeless adults with disabling conditions can successfully be housed and can maintain their housing when provided with a mix of permanent housing; intensive case management; and access to physical health services, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. The interim network findings highlight several positive trends in the characteristics and activities of CICH networks over the first two years of the study.

Additional reports on clients and agencies involved in the CICH for 3 years will be available in the future.