A Study of Work Participation and Full Engagement Strategies. Co-Locating the TANF Agency with One-Stop Centers or Service Providers


By co-locating the TANF agency within the one-stop center or employment service provider, the study sites have improved access by tapping into existing community employment and training resources. More than half the sites have co-located local welfare offices in the local Workforce Investment Agency (WIA) one-stop center or have established job resource rooms through contracted service providers (Table III.4). For example, in Montgomery County, the Department of Job and Family Services is co-located in the Job Center, which is recognized as one of the leading one-stop centers in the nation in that it is home to more than 50 agencies that provide employment and work supports, education and training opportunities, and other community-based services to welfare recipients and other job seekers.

Table III.4.
Strategies for Improving the Accessibility of Services
  Co-location in One Stop Centers or Agencies with Resource Rooms Co-location of Specialized Treatment Providers Formal Interagency Collaboratives
El Paso County X X X
Franklin County   X  
Montgomery County X X X
Oswego County      
Riverside County   X  
Utah X X X
Wisconsin X X X

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