A Study of Work Participation and Full Engagement Strategies. Co-Locating with Specialized Treatment Providers


Co-locating specialized service providers within the welfare agency improves access by giving case managers a valuable resource for dealing with hard-to-employ TANF recipients, especially with regard to addressing personal and family challenges. Specialized treatment providers are agencies that provide services for mental health conditions, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol addictions, domestic abuse, and other conditions. Six of the seven sites co-locate at least one specialized treatment provider in the welfare office, and five of the six co-locate multiple providers. Examples of co-located specialized providers include the following.

AIMS (Franklin County). Franklin County's Advance Intervention, Moving to Success (AIMS) program is an intensive case management program developed by a collaborative of four mental health agencies. AIMS workers--co-located in the five county welfare offices--assess clients, teach them basic life skills, monitor and track their participation in activities, and link them to appropriate services.

Licensed Social Workers (Utah). Utah has hired about 20 full-time master's level social workers, many clinically licensed, to work in local employment centers across the state. They conduct in-depth psychological assessments, link clients to specialized treatment providers, attend sanction conciliation reviews, and, in some cases, conduct short-term therapy.

Advocates for Domestic Violence (Riverside County). Advocates for Domestic Violence (ADV) provides shelter, support groups, crisis intervention, parenting workshops, individual counseling, anger management workshops, and case management for TANF recipients in Riverside County. Five specialists are co-located in county welfare offices.

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