Strategies for Integrating and Coordinating Care for Behavioral Health Populations: Case Studies of Four States. B. Environmental Scan


After our experts had identified 11 state programs meeting our requirements, we conducted an environmental scan to gather additional information about their key features. We developed a search strategy to query PubMed, Google Scholar, and Google using key search strings, as well as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) waiver and state plan amendment (SPA) databases and the CMS Managed Care Summary (see the appendix for additional details on search methodology). We also searched the websites of MCOs and state Medicaid and behavioral health agencies to find information about the characteristics of each program. We created an Excel database to summarize and organize information relevant to the overarching research questions. Based on a review of this information, ASPE selected programs from four states--Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont--for case study because their features aligned with our study criteria and as a group exhibited the desired diversity. Some states meeting the criteria were excluded because there were already comprehensive published reports describing their programs, and ASPE wanted the case studies undertaken as part of this project to present new information.

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