Strategic Action Plan on Homelessness. Work Group Chair


Immediate Office of the Secretary
Richard Campanelli, Counselor for Human Service Policy

Cynthia Kenny, Policy Coordinator, Office of the Executive Secretary

Administration for Children and Families
Josephine Robinson, Director, Office of Community Services

Marsha Werner, Social Services Program Specialist, Office of Community Services

Administration on Aging
Edwin Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy & Programs

Harry Posman, Executive Secretary, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Aging

Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Greg Morris, Director

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Maria Cora Chua Tracy, Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group, Center for Medicaid and State Operations

Health Resources and Services Administration
Lyman Van Nostrand, Director, Office of Planning and Evaluation

Lynnette Araki, Program Analyst, Office of Planning and Evaluation

National Institutes of Health
Denise Juliano-Bult, Chief, Systems Research Program, Division of Services and Integration Research, National Institute of Mental health

Office on Disability
Dr. Margaret Giannini, Director
Eileen Elias, Deputy Director

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Elaine Parry, Director of Special Initiatives, Immediate Office of the Administrator

Charlene Le Fauve, Chief, Co-Occurring and Homeless Activities Branch; Acting Chief, Data Infrastructure Branch, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

Larry Rickards, Chief, Homeless Programs Branch, Center for Mental Health Services

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Resources and Technology
Kathleen Heuer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Performance and Planning and Acting Chief Information Officer

Richard Thurman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Legislation
Barbara Pisaro Clark, Deputy Director, Office of Human Services Legislation

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Barbara Broman, Deputy to the Deputy Assistant Secretary, Human Services Policy

Office of the General Counsel
Robert Keith, Office of General Counsel

Diana Merelman, Office of General Counsel

Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
James Mason, Senior Advisor to the Director, Intergovernmental Affairs

Program Support Center
Heather Ransom, Director, Division of Property Management

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