Status of Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform, 2000. Welfare Reform and the Health and Economic Status of Immigrants and the Organizations that Serve Them (1998 and 1999)


Current Status: ASPE and other federal agencies contributed funds in 1998 and 1999 to award a grant to the Urban Institute to deepen our understanding of the impact of recent changes in Federal laws on immigrant families and children by conducting a large-scale study of immigrants and their communities in Los Angeles and New York City.

See Results/Findings and for information on accomplishments to date.

Estimated Completion Date: October 2001

In a related effort, ASPE funds were also used to support the Urban Institute's updating of the TRIM modeling program (used to simulate welfare caseload changes resulting from changes in various policy variables) to include parameters about immigrants, and as a subset, refugees and non-refugees, using 1995 data as a baseline. This updated model will be used to estimate the rates of participation in TANF, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and General Assistance by children, both citizen and immigrant, who live in immigrant- and citizen-headed households.

Estimated Completion Date: Winter/Spring 2001