Status of Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform, 2000. Continuation of 1998 Grants to States and Localities to Study Welfare Outcomes (1998 and 1999)


Thirteen states and large counties received funding in September 1998 to study the outcomes of welfare reform on individuals and families who leave welfare. Some of the grants also included studies of families who applied for cash welfare but never enrolled and families who appear to be eligible but not enrolled. See <> for individual project descriptions and links to available reports.

Current status: Final reports have been submitted by Arizona, Illinois, and Washington, three of the thirteen grants awarded in September 1998. See Results/Findings section for discussion of these reports, as well as findings from the interim reports submitted by other grantees. Additional final reports are expected throughout the fall of 2000 and winter 2001; three draft final reports were submitted in early Fall 2000 (from the District of Columbia, Florida, and Massachusetts). Although most projects should be complete by spring 2001, three grantees - Arizona, Missouri, and a consortium of San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara counties - received additional funding in FY 1999 to extend the studies and administer a second or third wave of interviews, allowing analysis of longer-term outcomes for former recipients.

Estimated Completion Dates: vary by project