Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform, 2002. Introduction


The Office of Human Services Policy's (HSP) proposed Research and Evaluation Plan for FY 2002 includes a variety of welfare outcomes-funded research, evaluation, and data projects that will be critical to understanding the outcomes of low-income families and to the Department's ability to respond to questions about those outcomes. Many projects have been proposed and approved for funding; others are still in developmental stages. Some are stand-alone projects; others represent specific components of larger studies and/or enhance on-going research, evaluation, and data activities. Some projects are fully funded by the targeted welfare outcomes funds; others are co-funded with other partners. They have been developed with a view toward addressing knowledge gaps and complementing other research efforts.

Our proposed research agenda includes projects that address several of the Administration's priority themes, including encouraging work and self-sufficiency, promoting healthy marriage and strong families, improving child well-being, expanding state flexibility and accountability, expanding the use of faith-based and community-based organizations, and addressing the needs of special populations. Our research plan is loosely organized around the following broad topical areas:

  • Working Toward Independence
  • Rallying the Armies of Compassion
  • Crosscutting Issues

Planning for our FY 2002 welfare outcomes-funded research agenda is not yet complete. The following narratives describe projects most likely to be funded by ASPE in FY 2002 from the targeted funding to study welfare outcomes. Some of these projects could be modified or cancelled; other welfare outcomes-funded projects could be added.