Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform, 2001. Introduction


The Office of Human Services Policy's (HSP) FY 2001 Research and Evaluation Plan is generally consistent with last year's funding level, with over half of the projects funded by the targeted welfare outcomes policy research funds. Our research, evaluation, and data projects will be critical to continuing to understand the outcomes of low-income families and to the Department's ability to respond to questions about those outcomes. Our research plan is loosely organized around the following broad topical areas:

  • Crosscutting/Multi-Topic
  • Economic Support for Poor Families
  • Children and Youth
  • Family Formation
  • Special Populations and Local Service Delivery Issues

As has been the case in the past, our plan is to optimize the potential of our research and evaluation funding by creating a portfolio of studies and strategies. Careful attention has been paid to identifying on-going research, evaluation, and data activities which could be enhanced or modified and to identifying activities being funded or planned by other entities that might provide joint-funding opportunities. Our research agenda is developed and carried out with a full understanding of other efforts, both within and outside the federal government, to assess and monitor various outcomes. We propose to use our research and evaluation funding to fully fund some projects, to fund specific portions of some larger studies, and to co-fund with other federal and state partners yet other projects. This ensures that, to the fullest extent possible, our research complements and enhances other efforts while avoiding unnecessary duplication.

Following are descriptions of the projects ASPE plans to fund in FY 2001 from the targeted appropriation to study welfare outcomes. Some of these projects could be modified or cancelled; other welfare outcomes-funded projects could be added.