State Policies to Promote Marriage. Preliminary Report.. Table 11: Specialty Programs


State State Regulates Marriage/ Family Therapists (a) Professional Development Respite Programs for Parents of Children with Disabilities (b) Programs for Incarcerated Parents (c)
Alabama X   Glendwood, Inc.  
Alaska X      
Arizona X   Community Information and Referral, Casa De Los Ninos  
Arkansas X   Arkansas Disability Coalition, Camp Alersgate Parent Center Program. Provides parenting for prisons and counseling. Second Genesis Ministries, Inc. provides help to women leaving prison in family reunification support. Source:
California X      
Colorado X   Rocky Mountain Village Easter Seal Camp  
Connecticut X   United Cerebral Palsy Families in Crisis. Isaiah 61:1, Inc. Provides family reunification support. Source:
Delaware     Respite Care  
DC       Prison Fellowship Ministries. At PF Marriage Seminars prisoners and their spouses learn how to work through marital problems aggravated by imprisonment. Volunteer mentor-couples are encouraged to model stable family relationships. Source:
Florida X     Kairos Outside. Time for Freedom provides help in family reunification support. Isaiah 61:1, Inc. Source:
Georgia X   Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta  
Hawaii X   Easter Seal Society-Hawaii, HUGS  
Idaho X   Idaho Children's Trust Fund $200,000 in TANF dollars are being used to encourage the stabilization of families by offering services for families with a previously incarcerated individual. Source: APHSA 2001 survey.
Illinois X   Alden Village, Little Angels Nursing Home, Interim Health Care, PARC Respite Care Center  
Indiana X   Camp Milhouse  
Iowa X   Lutheran Social Service of Iowa, Easter Seal Society of Iowa, Iowa Department of Human Services, Iowa Central Industries  
Kansas X   Associated Youth Services, Make a Difference Info Network, Wichita Children's Home  
Kentucky X   Lexington Child Abuse Council, Disabled Children's Program, Hazelwood Center, Home of the Innocents  
Louisiana X   Developmental Disabilities Council, Southern Ingenuity, Louisiana Federation of Families for Children's Men  
Maine X      
Maryland X (1) Pre-marital counseling bill specifies qualifications of those who can teach courses (social workers, psychologists, specially trained religious leaders). Source:

(2) Law. SB547. Authorizing the State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists to adopt regulations regarding practicing under supervision as a licensed graduate professional counselor or a licensed graduate marriage and family therapist; providing qualifications and requirements for practice under supervision; etc. Source:

Friends of the Family, Easter Seals Camp, Caring Communities, Way Station  
Massachusetts X   Delta Projects, Respite By the Sea  
Michigan X   Provides TANF grants for families with disabled children who receive Medicaid to allow them to remain in the family home and provide in-home respite care and family support services (Source: APHSA 2001 survey); Friends of the Family, Easter Seals Camp, Caring Communities, Way Station  
Minnesota X Minnesota Department of Children Families and Learning requires counselors to be licensed before being counselors in parent education programs. Family Support Grants are available to families with disabled children to purchase respite care and other services (Source: APHSA 2001 survey); PATH  
Mississippi X      
Missouri X   Camp Fire  
Montana     Montana State Respite Services  
Nebraska X   Nebraska Department of Social Services, Nebraska Family Support Network  
Nevada X   Give me a Break, Respite Outreach Program, Special Recreation Services  
New Hampshire X   Easter Seal Society of New Hampshire  
New Jersey X      
New Mexico X      
New York     The New York Services of the Handicapped  
North Carolina X   State's Albemarle Health Care provides in-home or facility based care by trained nurses at a parent's request (Source: APHSA 2001 survey); Pitt Respite, Easter Seal Family Support Services, Special Children's School  
North Dakota     Developmental Disabilities Division, Easter Seal Society of North Dakota  
Ohio     Specialized Alternatives For Families & Youth, St. Rita's Medical Center  
Oklahoma X   Marriage Initiative recognizes that families with disabled children have high divorce rates. Respite services part of the initiative (Source: APHSA 2001 survey); OASIS Information and Referral, OK Department of Human Services  
Oregon X   Providence Child Center, United Cerebral Palsy, Upward Bound Camp for Persons with Special Needs  
Rhode Island X   Training Through Placement, Groden Center  
South Carolina X   Shiphrah Ministries, South Carolina Department of Disabilities, Special Connection  
South Dakota X   Easter Seal Society of South Dakota, South Dakota Department Of Human Services  
Tennessee X   Easter Seal Society, Tennessee Respite Network  
Texas X   Children with Special Health Care Needs program provides family support services including respite, specialized day care, counseling and home modifications that help a family care for their child with a disability (Source: APHSA 2001 survey); Hermann Respite House, Ramiro Estrada Respite Station  
Utah X Conducts teacher education in marriage issues through continuing education conferences featuring marriage experts. Source: backgrounder/bg1421.html COSH, United Cerebral Palsy of Utah  
Vermont X   Children with Special Health Needs, Family Infant and Toddler Project, Department of Mental Health  
Virginia X   Camp Jordan, Camp Virginia Jaycee, Richmond Area Arc-Camp Baker Services, Children's Place, Camp Bruce McCoy, Camp Rainbow, Children's Home Society, Good Neighbor Village, Henrico County Therapeutic Recreation, St. Joseph's Villa Respite, Super Summer Camp, Virginia Department Of Social Services  
Washington X   Ashley House, Easter Seal  
West Virginia   WV Family Support Program    
Wisconsin X   Respite Care Assoc. Of Wisconsin, Easter Seal Society of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Elks  
Wyoming X   Division of Developmental Disabilities  
(a) Source: unless otherwise noted; an "X" indicates that the state regulates marriage and family therapists through a licensing/certification board.
(b) Source: ARCH National Respite Network (correspondence with Jill Kagan), unless otherwise noted. Programs listed are statewide; blank cells indicate local or no program.
(c) Programs are noted only if the program is state-funded and statewide.