State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Public Reporting


There was some concern about whether public reporting is useful as consumer information or as a marketing tool used by nursing homes. However, given the increasing use of this type of information, all discussants agreed that public reporting programs must strike a balance between providing information to consumers to assist them in making more informed decisions and not overloading them with information and data too complicated for them to use. Many discussants expressed concern that publicly reported data needed to be timely, valid, and sufficiently risk adjusted to provide meaningful information. In addition, provider groups expressed strong opposition to posting survey results that are under appeal. Given that the appeals process can take years to reach a final resolution, not posting results until appeals are resolved would result in data that are too out-dated to be useful for consumers needing to make placement decisions. Research is needed to understand the extent to which (a) public reporting systems are used by consumers to guide nursing home placement decisions, and (b) public reporting of information on facility quality actually leads to quality improvements.

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