State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Program Funding


The annual cost for salaries and benefits of the QAN staff is approximately $3.72 million, with 75 percent of that allocated to QANing, and 25 percent of time to survey work. Travel and administration are additional. The cost of the QAN program is jointly borne by the state and the Federal Government. The state receives a 75 percent match on the QAN salaries and benefits for the QANing piece because that piece derives from its earlier utilization review (UR) function. Both the state and some providers said that there is a continued emphasis on UR through the discharge protocol. Further, UR is defined as seeing both that patients do not get too much care (i.e., appropriate discharge) and that the care they get is appropriate (the technical assistance piece). As such, the QAN is always functioning in a Utilization Review role, even during quality protocol reviews.

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