State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Preparation


Prior to the on-site visit, factual information on the quality improvement program was gathered from a literature review, stakeholder discussions and Missouri DHHS and University web sites. Information on the following aspects of the programs was gathered and organized in a table:

  • Program title;
  • Program description;
  • Agency contact--the person(s) most knowledgeable about the program protocols and implementation to date;
  • Impetus--what prompted the development of the program;
  • Designer--identify the individual(s) or group(s) responsible for program design and indicate agency affiliation(s);
  • Goals--state the program objectives;
  • Funding Source and Amount--state current funding amounts/sources and projections for future periods;
  • Program Staff--indicate how many individuals are involved in the program implementation including administrative support, what is the organizational structure;
  • Facility Involvement--is this a requirement for all facilities or a voluntary program, how are facilities selected for inclusion, if voluntary?
  • Dates--what are the program beginning and end dates;
  • Evaluation--indicate current and planned formal evaluation program(s).

The table was forwarded to Marilyn Rantz prior to the on-site visit for her to review and provide additional or corrected information. The research team used the factual information in the table as a starting point to develop discussion questions that focused on more in-depth issues. Letters of endorsement explaining the project goals, state selection and discussion processes were formulated and sent to prospective participants. In response to a request by the AHCA affiliate, letters of invitation to participate in group discussions were written and forwarded to the provider associations for use with their members. Follow-up phone calls were made to arrange for convenient dates and times for meetings.

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