State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Preparation


Prior to the on-site visit, factual information on the quality improvement programs was gathered based on our discussions with Dr. Tooman, stakeholder discussions, DIA's web site, and Insight, the department's quarterly newsletter for nursing facilities. Insight was a particularly valuable resource-- it had information on most of the state's quality improvement programs that gave the site visit team valuable background information. Information on the following aspects of the programs was gathered and organized in a table:

  • Program title including a regulatory reference, if applicable;
  • Program description;
  • Agency contact--the person(s) most knowledgeable about the program protocols and implementation to date;
  • Impetus--what prompted the development of the program;
  • Designer--identify the individual(s) or group(s) responsible for program design and indicate agency affiliation(s);
  • Goals--state the program objectives;
  • Funding Source and Amount--state current funding amounts/sources and projections for future periods;
  • Program Staff--indicate how many individuals are involved in the program implementation including administrative support, what is the organizational structure;
  • Facility Involvement--is this a requirement for all facilities or a voluntary program, how are facilities selected for inclusion, if voluntary?
  • Dates--what are the program beginning and end dates;
  • Evaluation--indicate current and planned formal evaluation program(s).

The table was forwarded to Marvin Tooman, prior to the on-site visit. He reviewed the table and added some additional details. The research team used the factual information in the table as a starting point to develop discussion questions that focused on more in-depth issues.

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