State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Participants


Abt staff member Terry Moore and project team consultant Barbara Manard met with individuals involved in the management and operation of Washington's QAN program, as well as representatives from two of the state's provider groups, the state's Long Term Care Ombudsmen, and others familiar with the state's program. Over a three-day visit in September 2002, the research team met with individuals and groups associated with the following organizations:

  • Department of Social & Human Services QAN Program Administrative Staff
    • Larita Paulson, RN, MPA; Chief, Consumer Services, Residential Care Services
    • Joyce Pashley Stockwell, RN, MN; Assistant Director, Residential Care Services
    • Pat Lashway; Director, Residential Care Services Division
  • QAN nurses at roundtable discussion
    • Sharon Butay, RN, BSN; Region 5 QAN
    • Ann Lebsack, RN, MS; Region 1 QAN
    • Ann Miles, RN, MSN; QAN, Region
    • Ann Martin, RN, Port Angeles QAN
    • Cindy Covile, RN, BSN, Region 1 QAN
  • Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aged Roundtable
    • Karen Tynes, Executive Director
    • Executive Director of a 232 bed multilevel facility
    • Director of Nursing Services for a 210 bed not-for-profit facility with a subacute and an Alzheimer's unit
    • CEO of a 190 bed not for-profit nursing facility with 69 bed specialty unit
  • Washington HealthCare Association roundtable discussion
    • Bonnie Blachly
    • DON for a 97 bed for-profit nursing facility
    • RN/Administrator for a 157 bed non-profit nursing facility
    • RN Consultant (private practice) on systems development, quality
    • DON for a 74 bed for-profit nursing facility
  • On Site observation of QAN visit
    • Marsha Lackay, RN, MPA (QAN)
    • Administrator an Director of Nursing of a 120 bed for-profit nursing facility
  • Ombudsman Program
    • Robin Low, Regional Ombudsman for King
    • Karen Hausragh, Regional Ombudsman for Pierce County
    • Kary Hyre, State Ombudsman
    • Michael Glauner
  • Board Meeting of the Resident Councils of Washington
    • Sharon McIntyre, Executive Director of WRC
    • Approximately 10-12 residents from various facilities
    • About 2-3 staff people from facilities
    • An Ombudsman

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