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Facility Name .......: RANTZ ACRES 
Missouri Facility ID: 99999 
Facility Address ....: 999 COUNTRYSIDE LANE, ANYWHERE, MO 99999-9999 
Facility County ......:

Report for the Quarter Ending: December 31, 1999

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Quality Indicator #1
Prevalence of Any Injury

This Quality Indicator (QI) reflects the percent of residents with any injury* as recorded on their most recent MDS assessment. The graph displays several quarters of information for this QI. QI scores that fall below the lower threshold are thought to reflect good or excellent performance. QI scores that fall above the upper threshold may suggest a problem with resident care that needs further attention by your Quality Improvement Team. Focus on trends and examine the residents listed with the problem. The summary table below includes your facility's QI Score, statewide tenth percentile score, and percentile rank.

* See attached Resident List for those residents with any injury indicated on their most recent MDS (M4 and J4)

Prevalence of Any Injury

Prevalence of Any Injury

Summary Table for Quality Indicator #1

Quarter Ending Date Your Facility Statewide Summary
Your QI Score # of Residents with this QI # of Residents in this Calculation # of Residents Not in this Calculation Tenth Percentile Score Your Percentile Rank in Missouri
Dec 31, 1998 9.52 2 21 0 1.79% 48.07%
March 31, 1999 0.00 0 50 0 1.61% 0.00%
June 30, 1999 7.41 6 81 0 1.52% 36.53%
Sept 30, 1999 12.94 11 85 1 1.67% 59.76%
Dec 31, 1999 11.29 7 62 0 1.54% 58.16%

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