State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Management and Staffing


Staff within the Department of Inspections and Appeals, Health Facilities Division, is involved in the management as well as the day-to-day operation of the various quality improvement programs. One Bureau Chief is responsible for routing of any questions (2-6 questions per day) that come through the web site to the appropriate person for a response. A clerical person scans the survey reports so that they can be posted to the web after the reports have been reviewed for removal of any confidential information.

Although participation in the Quality Based Inspections Program is very low, DIA staff is responsible for reviewing applications and determining the appropriate frequency of surveys based on facility applications. Joint Surveyor/Provider training is coordinated by two DIA trainers who are responsible for the planning, organization and recruitment of experts to conduct the sessions. Potential Best Practices are verified by the survey team leader during the survey process. Once verified, the HFD administrator and other staff further consider the identified practice. A stakeholder committee, chosen annually by the department Director, reviews the Governor's Award nominations.

The Deficiency-Free Certificate program does not require any additional staff, as it is handled as part of the normal survey process. The state's QIO (the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care) handles data entry of responses on the Survey Questionnaires. No analysis of the data is generated. However, a summary report is forwarded to the department on a regular basis.

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