State Nursing Home Quality Improvement Programs: Site Visit and Synthesis Report. Background


Following the completion of the literature review, discussions with stakeholders and the meeting of the Technical Advisory Group, Texas was selected as a site visit state because we were interested in the state's Quality Monitor Program, which started in 2002. Quality Monitoring is a key component of the DHS Long Term Care Quality Outreach program created by Texas Senate Bill 1839 that was passed in 2001. Other components of the program include joint provider/surveyor training and liaison with providers, both of which are designed to improve knowledge of the survey and enhance communication between providers and state regulatory staff.

In addition, Texas has three quality improvement programs that pre-date or were developed independently of the 2001 legislation but that are managed by the same staff as the Quality Monitor Program and are conceptually linked to it. These are:

  • The state's Long-Term Care Quality Reporting System, a web-based source of consumer information on nursing home quality;
  • The state's Quality Matters (QM) web, a training resource of evidence-based practices meant to help nursing facilities improve their quality of care;
  • The Statewide Quality Review Program, a legislatively mandated annual survey of quality issues in Texas nursing facilities.

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