State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten: What the Evidence Shows. B. Some states have used research to design, evaluate, and improve state-funded pre-kindergarten


Surveys show that most state-funded pre-kindergarten programs have standards that demonstrate the state’s plan to offer high quality programs that result in positive outcomes for children. Rigorously documenting the actual results of investments in pre-kindergarten programs is another essential part of program improvement and accountability. States dedicated to offering high quality pre-kindergarten programs are beginning to use a range of research methods to motivate and inform the development of new initiatives and to evaluate program outcomes. Limitations in the methods that have been used to study the effectiveness of state-funded pre-kindergarten programs and track the progress of children who attend state-funded pre-kindergarten programs constrain what can be known about the impact of state efforts on children’s outcomes. However, the data that are available suggest that some states offer programs that are likely to promote children’s school readiness.

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