State Assisted Living Policy: 1998. Mississippi



Personal care homes Miss regulations §1201.1 et seq.

General Approach

Regulations are being revised and the licensing agency has formed a task force to make recommendations. A report was expected in July 1998.


"A personal care home" is a home or institution which is licensed to give personal care to ambulatory residents who are not in need of nursing care but who, because of advanced age and/or physical/mental infirmities, are in need of assistance with their activities of daily living ordinarily provided by responsible family members. This assistance extends beyond providing shelter, food, and laundry. Examples of such assistance include but is not limited to the bathing, walking, excretory functions, feeding, personal grooming, dressing and financial assistance of such residents."

There were 168 facilities with 3,175 beds in 1996 and 180 facilities with 3,000 beds in 1998.

Unit Requirements

There must be at least 80 square feet for each resident in a bedroom. Residents shall not have to enter one bedroom through another bedroom. Resident bedrooms must not have more than four beds. Separate toilet and bathing facilities shall be provided on each floor for each sex.

Tenant Policy

Residents must be ambulatory, have a regular diet, continent of bowel and bladder (no indwelling or external catheters are permitted), nonviolent to self and others, not require care beyond the capabilities of a personal care home and free from communicable disease. Residents who need further care or those whose medical and/or psychiatric condition(s) are not adequately controlled shall not be admitted or retained.

Residents must have a thorough medical evaluation five days prior to or at the time of admission.


Personal care services, activities and room and board are provided.


Medicaid funding is not available.


The administrator must be at least 21 years of age and able to read and write. There must be a responsible staff member present at all times who is at least 21 and represents the operator in his/her absence. There must be one attendant per 10 residents from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and sufficient staff on hand to meet the personal care needs of residents at all other times.


Administrator Must be full time and at least 21 years old.

Staff Personnel shall receive on a quarterly basis appropriate training in the care of the aged or infirm. This shall be documented by a narrative of the training and the signatures of those attending.


Facilities are inspected by the Mississippi State Department of Health at such intervals as the department may direct.


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