State Assisted Living Policy: 1998. Kentucky



Assisted living residence 905 KAR 5:080

Personal care homes 902 KAR 20:036

General Approach

SB 162, signed into law April 10, 1996, created a voluntary certification program for assisted living residences. Regulations were finalized in 1997. The law specifically exempts assisted living residences from the certificate of need law.

There were 199 facilities and 6,926 beds in 1998.


Assisted living residence (ALR) means an apartment or home-style housing unit residence which provides assisted living to two or more adult persons who are not related within the third degree of consanguinity to the owner or operator of the apartment or residence, and which provide supportive services within the residence or on the grounds of the residence.

Personal care home Personal care homes are establishments with permanent facilities including resident beds. Services provided include continuous supervision, basic health and related services, personal care services, residential care services and social and recreational activities.

Unit Requirements

ALR An apartment is defined as a residence which shall offer at least one unfurnished room, a private bathroom with a bathtub or shower, a kitchenette, a lockable door, and individual thermostat controls. A home-style housing unit means a residence which shall offer at least one unfurnished room, a semi-private bathroom with a bathtub or shower, free use of kitchen facilities and a lockable door to the room entrance. Units may be shared only by choice.

PCH No requirements are specified for room size. The maximum number of beds per room is four. At least 66% of the beds in the facility must be located in rooms designed for one or two beds. Facilities using central bathing areas must bathrooms and showers/baths for each sex on each floor. One toilet is required for every eight residents, a lavatory for every sixteen residents and a shower/bath tub for every twelve residents.

Tenant Policy

ALR Not specified.

PCH Personal care homes may admit persons who are sixteen or older and who are ambulatory or mobile non-ambulatory. Persons who are non-ambulatory or non-mobile may not be admitted to a personal care home. Residents must be able to manage most of the activities of daily living. Residents must have a complete medical evaluation upon admission or within 14 days prior to admission. Residents whose care is not within the scope of services of a personal care home must be transferred to an appropriate facility.


ALR Supportive services may include personal care, congregate meals, barber and beauty services, sundries for personal consumption, and supervision of self-administration of medications. The law says supportive services "means, but is not limited to, transportation services; assistance with eating, bathing and dressing; assistance with personal and household activities or chores; organized social and recreational activities; assistance with self-administration of medications; monitoring of nutrition or health; and protective assistance or supervision necessary to prevent posing a health or safety hazard to the individual or others."

PCH All homes must provide basic health and health related services including: continuous supervision and monitoring; supervision of self-administration of medications, storage and control when necessary; and making arrangements for obtaining therapeutic services ordered by the resident's physician which are not available in the facility.


No Medicaid funds are available for either category.


ALR Not specified.

PCH Based on the needs of residents.


ALR Not specified.

PCH All personal care home employees shall receive in-service training to correspond with the duties of their respective jobs. Documentation of in-service training shall be maintained in the employee's record and shall include: who gave the training, date and period of time training was given and a summary of what the training consisted of. In-service training shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Policies of the facility in regard to the performance of their duties;

  • Services provided by the facility;

  • Record keeping procedures;

  • Procedures for reporting of case of adult and child abuse, neglect or exploitation;

  • Patient rights;

  • Methods of assisting patients to achieve maximum abilities in activities of daily living;

  • Procedures for the proper application of physical restraints;

  • Procedures for maintaining a clean, healthful and pleasant environment;

  • The aging process;

  • The emotional problems of illness;

  • Use of medication; and

  • Therapeutic diets.


ALR Applicants must assure that no officer, director, trustee, limited partner or shareholder has ever been convicted of felony, class A misdemeanor or abuse of a person.


Not specified.


ALR $100 inspection fee.


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