Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information. Final Privacy Rule Preamble.. Section 164.526 - Amendment of Protected Health Information


Given that burden associated with the following information collection requirements will differ significantly, by the type and size of health plan or health care provider, we are explicitly soliciting comment on the burden associated with the following requirements: Individuals have the right to request amendment of protected health information about them in designated record sets created by a covered entity. Where the request is denied, a covered entity must provide the individual with a written statement of the basis for the denial and an explanation of how the individual may pursue the matter, including how to file a complaint with the Secretary pursuant to § 160.306 of this subpart. As appropriate, a covered entity must identify the protected health information in the designated record set that is the subject of the disputed amendment and append or otherwise link the individual's request for an amendment, the covered entity's denial of the request, the individual's statement of disagreement, if any, and the covered entity's rebuttal, if any, to the designated record set.