Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information. Final Privacy Rule Preamble.. Section 164.502(d) - Creation of De-identified Information


In proposed § 164.506(d) of the NPRM, we proposed to permit use of protected health information for the purpose of creating de-identified information and we provided detailed mechanisms for doing so.

In § 164.502(d) of the final rule, we permit a covered entity to use protected health information to create de-identified information, whether or not the de-identified information is to be used by the covered entity. We clarify that de-identified information created in accordance with our procedures (which have been moved to § 164.514(a)) is not subject to the requirements of these privacy rules unless it is re-identified. Disclosure of a key or mechanism that could be used to re-identify such information is also defined to be disclosure of protected health information. See the preamble to § 164.514(a) for further discussion.