Simulation of Medicaid and SCHIP Eligibility: Implications of Findings From 10 States. Final Report.. C. Assets Tests


TANF and 1931 Medicaid programs continue to use assets tests; frequently, these tests are the same for both programs. In our sample of 10 states, these tests have more generous limits for vehicles and other assets than was previously allowed under AFDC.15, 16 While all states in our sample use an assets test for their TANF program, and nine use one in their 1931 Medicaid program, states typically do not use this type of test for their Medicaid poverty or SCHIP programs--for example, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. The Medicaid poverty expansion programs in Arkansas and Colorado continue to use the old AFDC standard asset test.17 Colorado is the only state in our sample that uses an asset test for its S-SCHIP program.