Simulation of Medicaid and SCHIP Eligibility: Implications of Findings From 10 States. Final Report.. 2. Disregards for Child Care


Many programs continue to use the old AFDC standard disregard for child care expenses.12 All the programs in Alabama, Florida, and New York that use a net income test employ this disregard. Some TANF programs, however, have dropped this disregard when the state implements other forms of child care support for TANF families--for example, programs in Arkansas and California. The treatment of child care expenses, like other policies, may differ across programs within a state, so that the TANF and S-SCHIP programs may not use this type of disregard, but the Medicaid 1931, poverty expansion, and M-SCHIP programs may do so--a pattern found in Arkansas, California, Colorado, and Connecticut.