Shaping a Vision for 21st Century Health Statistics. Next steps


As we have stressed, this is an evolving Vision that is still coming into focus. To fulfill the goal of allowing all Americans and all American communities to achieve and maintain the best possible health, the Vision must reflect true national priorities and perspectives. It also must include specific suggestions for local, state, and national action by both private and public entities.

The more the Vision represents the views of community leaders, public health workers, health professionals, data users, and policy-makers in communities across the nation, the more valid and useful it will be. Therefore, we need and welcome your input on any and all aspects. You may convey your input in any of the following ways:

  • On the Web (
  • Through e-mail ( and other written comments (to this address: Health Statistics Vision, National Center for Health Statistics, 6525 Belcrest Road, Room 1120, Hyattsville, MD 20782)
  • At one of the four NCVHS hearings (see below)
  • At conferences and meetings where the Vision is being discussed
  • Through your organization or association

The following events and milestones lie ahead:

  • Hearings (Summer/Fall 2000. The first will be in Chicago on July 10. Sub-sequent hearings will be announced on the Website.)
  • Another draft of the health statistics Vision (Winter 2000)
  • Final Vision report (Spring/Summer 2001)
  • Use of the health statistics Vision to guide program plans at local, state, and federal levels
  • Ongoing consultations with key stakeholders

This report was written by Susan Baird Kanaan