Shaping a Vision for 21st Century Health Statistics. Broad collaboration


Implementing the health statistics Vision will require the full participation not only of the government agencies responsible for public health but also of related government agencies, many facets of the private sector, the media, local community leaders, and individual citizens. Because implementing the Vision will depend on multi-party partnerships, mechanisms that elicit the views of stakeholders and provide ways for them to collaborate and contribute will be as important as the other mechanisms discussed above.

The potential collaborators include the following:

  • Local, state, and federal government (with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities)
  • Private sector organizations (e.g., health industry, media, advocacy groups, local and national health coalitions, information technology/informatics industries]
  • Related sectors (education, housing, justice, transportation, environmental protection, health, alternative health, nutrition)
  • A public constituency: citizens and leaders who recognize the essential role of health statistics and help shape decisions about their collection and use