Setting the Baseline: A Report on State Welfare Waivers. Table V, Section 1115 Waivers Affecting Resource Restrictions


State Asset Limit Vehicle Exclusion Restricted Accounts Scope Dates
Alabama $2,000 N/A N/A Clarke, Limestone, and Madison cos. Start: 5/90


Arizona N/A N/A Recipients may deposit up to $200/month (with 50% of earned income and all unearned income disregarded) into Individual Development Accounts to be used for education and training. Up to $9,000 in IDA will not be counted towards the resource limits. Overall, no more than $12,000 may be deposited in an IDA over the life of the program. Statewide Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

California $2,000 $4,500 Recipients may place up to $5,000 in restricted accounts, which may only be used for a child's education or training, for starting a business, or for purchasing a home, and which do not count against the resource limit. Interest earned on such accounts will not count as income. Statewide Start: 4/94

End: 9/97

Colorado $2,000 for non-employed; $5,000 if working within six months One car N/A Adams, El Paso, Jefferson, Logan and Mesa cos. Start: 6/94

End: 5/99

Connecticut $3,000 One car Assets held in the name of a dependent child which are set aside for the future educational expenses of the child are not considered as an available resource, and interest earned on such accounts will not be considered as income. Statewide Start: 10/94

End: 12/03

Delaware N/A $4,500 Up to $5,000 may be deposited into Educational and Business Investment Accounts, which do not count against the resource limit. Withdrawals must be for approved purposes, as specified in state policies. Statewide, after a phased implementation Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

Florida $5,000 $8,150 N/A Eight counties Start: 5/94

End: 4/02

Georgia N/A Up to the Food Stamp limit (now at $4,600) N/A Statewide Start: between 11/95 and 10/96

Duration: 5 yrs

Hawaii $5,000 One car N/A Statewide Start: between 10/96 and 10/97

Duration: 8 yrs

Illinois $3,000 N/A N/A Pilot project for homeless families only. Start: 11/93

End: 10/97

Indiana $1,500 N/A N/A Initially 12,000 families; now statewide. Start: 5/95

End: 4/02

Iowa $2,000 (for applicants)

$5,000 (for recipients)

$3,000 (to be adjusted by CPI) Income deposited in Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) will not be counted as income and funds in IDA are not counted toward the asset limit. These funds may only be withdrawn for education, training, home ownership, business start-up or family emergencies. Statewide Start: 10/93

End: 9/98

Kansas N/A One car N/A Statewide Start: between 9/96 and 8/97

Duration: 7 yrs

Maine N/A One car N/A Statewide Start: between 6/96 and 6/97

Duration: 5 yrs

Maryland $2,000 One car An additional $2,000 resource limit is allowed for each child with earnings, if each child's assets are kept in a separate account. Statewide Start: 10/96

End: 9/01

Massachusetts $2,500 $5,000 Individual Asset Accounts (IAAs) funded by employers as part of the "Full Employment Program" will not be counted for AFDC, food stamp or Medicaid program eligibility while they are unavailable to participant. Participants can not withdraw funds from IAA until they leave the Full Employment Program or have participated for 12 months. However, if the IAA becomes available to the grantee before case closes, it will be treated like any other countable asset. Statewide Start: 10/95

End: 9/05

Michigan N/A One car N/A Statewide Start: 10/94

End: 9/99.

Minnesota $2,000 (in MFIP counties only) Set at the Food Stamp limit (now at $4,600) Disregards savings of dependent children and minor parents that is deposited into an identified separate savings account. Allowable purposes are defined by state policy (AFDC Barrier Removal) MFIP: Eight counties; ABR: rest of state. MFIP Start: 4/94

MFIP End: 3/99


ABR Start: btwn 10/96 and 10/97

duration: 5 yrs

Mississippi N/A N/A Under Work First, funds in an "Individual Development Account" do not count towards the resource limit. Employers must contribute $1 per hour worked, after the first 30 days, to recipients' IDAs, up to a maximum of $1,000. These accounts are only available to recipients after case is closed because of earnings. Adams, Harrison, Jones, Lee, Hinds, and Washington counties Start: 10/95

End: 9/00

Missouri $5,000 One car plus $1,500 of a second car N/A Statewide Start: 6/95

End: 5/00

Montana $3,000 One car (and other income-making vehicles) N/A Statewide Start: 1/96

End: 12/03

Nebraska $5,000 One car N/A Two counties in 1995; statewide in 1996 Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

New Hampshire $2,000 for recipients and applicants who have received AFDC within 6 months One vehicle for each parent or caretaker. N/A Statewide Start: between 7/96 and 7/97

Duration: 5 yrs

North Carolina $3,000 $5,000 N/A Statewide Start: between 3/96 and 3/97

Duration: 5 yrs

North Dakota $5,000 for single recipient; $8,000 for households with 2 or more recipients. One car N/A N/A N/A
Ohio N/A Up to the Food Stamp limit (now at $4,600) N/A Statewide Start: between 6/96 and 12/96

Duration: 5 yrs

Oklahoma N/A $5,000 N/A Six counties Start: 6/96

End: 5/01

Oregon $2,500 for JOBS non-participants and $10,000 for participants $9,000 After a JOBS Plus participant has worked in a subsidized employment position for 30 days, the employer will contribute $1 for each hour of work to an Individual Education Account. These funds will be available to the participant and his/her immediate family for education and training once he or she begins working in a non-subsidized position. Statewide; JOBS Plus is limited to six counties. Start: 7/95

End: 6/00

Pennsylvania $2,000 initially;

$5,000 after three consecutive months with earnings

$7,500 Recipients may deposit funds into restricted savings accounts to be used exclusively for educational purposes. Funds in these accounts, and the interest earned in them, will not be counted as an available resource. Lancaster County On hold by state
South Carolina $2,500 $10,000 Disregards from income up to $10,000 in lump sum payments deposited in an Individual Development Account (IDA) within 30 days of receipt. Does not count as resources the balance in an IDA up to $10,000. Statewide Start: between 6/96 and 6/97

duration: 7 yrs

South Dakota N/A Regular exemption, plus second car worth up to $2,500 owned by dependent child Disregards up to $1,000 in a dependent child's savings account and if the child is at least a part-time student and some of funds came from student's earnings. Similar restrictions apply to the second car. Statewide Start: 6/94

End: 5/99

Tennessee $2,000 $4,600 Allows recipients to deposit up to $5,000, and to receive up to $5,000 in matching funds for deposit, in an Individual Development Accounts for education, small business development, home ownership or transportation need. IDAs are not counted as a resource for AFDC, food stamps or Medicaid. To be eligible, recipients must be part of a group that meets at least twice monthly for support, training and technical assistance. Twelve counties: six urban, six rural Start: between 9/96 and 9/97

duration: 11 yrs

Texas $2,000 ($3,000 if elderly or disabled) To conform with Food Stamp rules $4,600 (to be adjusted yearly) Allows recipients to establish Individual Development Accounts of up to $10,000 for education, business start-up costs, home ownership or medical expenses. IDAs will not affect AFDC or food stamp benefits. Statewide; IDAs are limited to Lubbuck, Gregg, Harrison and Upshur counties Start: 4/96

End: 6/02

Utah $2,000 One car N/A Seven counties Start: 1/93

End: 12/00

Vermont N/A One car Value of assets saved from earnings previously counted as income will be disregarded. Statewide Start: 7/94

End: 6/00

Virginia N/A One car (for participants in WRP positions)

$7,500 (VIEW)

Recipients may save up to $5,000 in special accounts to be used for education or downpayment on a residence. These funds will not be counted towards the resource limit and interest earned will not count as income. (WRP; VIEW amendments incorporate this provision and add starting a business and buying a vehicle as allowable uses) Statewide WRP Start: 7/94

WRP End: 6/01

VIEW Start: 7/95 End: 6/03

Wisconsin N/A $2,500 Once eligible for AFDC, recipients will be allowed to open a special resource account of up to $10,000, which will not count towards the asset limits. Interest earned on this account will not count as income. Withdrawals from the account will not be counted as income or resources if they are used for the education of the recipient or her children, or for "improving the employability" of a family member, but will be counted as income if they are made for other purposes. Up to $200 per 12-month period may be withdrawn for emergency expenses and not counted as income or resources. Statewide Start: 1/95

End: 12/99

Wyoming $2,500 if employed, and for three months after losing job N/A N/A Campbell, Carbon, and Natrona cos. Start: 9/93

End: 8/98