Setting the Baseline: A Report on State Welfare Waivers. Table II.C, When Will Recipients Begin to Reach Time Limits?


State/Scope Dates Time Limit

First Cases

Reach Limit

What Happens



Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

24 months in 60 month period 11/97 Adult portion of grant is terminated



Amendment approved: 9/95

End: 9/97

22 months in 24 month period 8/97 Adults must participate in CWEP for 100 hours per month.


Five counties:

Start: 4/94

End: 3/99

Two years after being offered a JOBS slot. 5/96 Non-exempt adults must be working at least 30 hours per week or actively participating in a JOBS training program.


Initially in New Haven and Manchester; later expanded statewide

Start: 9/94 (pilot)

1/96 (statewide)

End: 12/03

21 months

6/96 (pilot)


9/97 (statewide)

End of cash assistance



Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

Two years


Two more years




Adult must enter pay-after-performance work experience program.

End of cash assistance.


Initially Escambia & Alachua counties. Later expanded to 6 more counties

Start: 1/94

End: 12/01

24 months in 60 month period (36 months for "high-risk" cases) 2/96 End of cash assistance. Transitional employment will be offered to for those who have diligently completed plans, are unable to find employment and have not voluntarily quit or been discharged for misconduct.


Ten counties

Start: between 11/96 and 11/97

Duration: 5 yrs

24 months in 36 month period between 12/98 and 12/99 Recipients must work 20 hours per month in a work experience program for a state, local government, federal agency or nonprofit organization, subject to availability of work slots.



Start: between 10/96 and 10/97

Duration: 8 yrs

60 months between 11/01 and 11/02 End of cash assistance.



Start: 10/95

End: 9/00

12 months


24 months without earnings




Recipients whose youngest child is 13 or older must accept up to 60 hours per month of work subsidized by AFDC grant.


End of cash assistance; family ineligible to reapply for aid for two years.


Statewide (initially limited to 12,000 adult recipients)

Start: 4/95

End: 6/02

24 months (additional time may be earned for full-time work) 5/97 Adult portion of grant is terminated.



Start: 10/93

End: 9/98

Individually-based time frame Unknown Benefits will be phased out for failure to make satisfactory progress towards self-sufficiency.



Start: 1/97

End: 12/02

24 months out of 60 month period. 2/99 End of cash assistance.



Start: 10/95

End: 9/05

Two months in 60 month period. 1/96 Recipients who can not find work will be placed in a community service position for 20 hours per week.



Start: 10/94

End: 9/99

One year 11/95 After one year of non-compliance with work requirements, penalty increases to loss of all AFDC benefits.



Start: 4/95

End: 5/00

24 months


36 months




At the time limit, recipients will be assigned to job search and work experience.


The state will deny AFDC to an individual who received benefits for at least 36 months and who reapplies after completing a self-sufficiency agreement entered into after July 1, 1997, if the individual was responsible for becoming unemployed. Other eligible members of the family will receive benefits.



Start: 1/96

End: 12/04

24 months for single parents

18 months for two-parent families

2/98 for single parents

8/97 for two-parent families

Individuals who reach time limit but have not achieved self-sufficiency will be required to participate in Community Services Program for 20 hours per week in order to receive benefits.


Two counties in 1995; expanded statewide in 1996

Start: 10/95

End: 9/02

24 months in a 48-month period. 11/97 End of cash assistance.

New Hampshire


Start: between 7/96 and 7/97

Duration: 5 yrs

26 weeks. between 2/97 and 2/98 Requires job search for up to 26 weeks followed by work-related activities for 26 weeks. These cycles will repeat until the recipient is off AFDC.

North Carolina


Start: between 3/96 and 3/97

Duration: 5 yrs

24 months between 3/98 and 3/99 End of cash assistance. Family becomes ineligible for 36 months.

North Dakota

Ten counties

Start: 10/96

End: 9/03

Individually-based time-limit Unknown Placement in a work experience program or extension of benefits, based on an evaluation of the recipient's circumstances.



Start: between 6/96 and 12/96

Duration: 5 yrs

36 months out of 60 month period. between 7/99 and 1/00. End of cash assistance.


Six counties

Start: 4/96

End: 3/01

36 months in a 60 month period. 5/99 Mandatory workfare participation of at least 24 hours a week.



Start: 7/95

End: 6/02

24 out of 84 months 8/97 End of cash assistance.

South Carolina


Start: between 6/96 and 6/97

Duration: 7 yrs

24 months between 7/98 and 7/99 End of cash assistance

South Dakota


Start: 4/94

End: 3/99

24 or 60 months, depending on recipient's background. 5/96 or 5/99 If adult is not employed at least 30 hours per weeks, must perform 30 hours of approved volunteer service each week (fewer if good cause shown).



Start: between 9/96 and 9/97

Duration: 11 yrs

18 consecutive months and 60 cumulative months between 4/98 and 4/99 for continuous recipients End of cash assistance. After receiving AFDC for 18 months, a household must wait at least three months before re-applying.



Start: 4/96

End: 6/02

12, 24, or 36 cumulative months, depending on recipient's background 5/97 Adults who reach the time limits may not receive cash assistance for a five-year period. The children will continue to be eligible for benefits.



Start: 7/94

End: 6/01

15 months for AFDC-UP cases. 30 months for single parents and AFDC-I cases.

11/95 for 15 month group;

3/97 for 30 month group.

Requires participation in subsidized employment. Hours of service will be determined by dividing grant by minimum wage, but single parents (and parents in AFDC-I cases) with a child under 13 may not be required to work more than 20 hours a week, and the principal earner in AFDC-UP cases and single parents (and parents in AFDC-I cases) without a child under age 13 may not be required to work more than 40 hours a week.


Statewide; will be phased in over four years.

Start: 7/95

End: 6/03

24 months 8/97 End of cash assistance.



Start: 1/96

End: 12/05

48 out of 60 months 2/00 Imposes a 10 percent grant reduction for families who have received assistance for 48 out of 60 months, and imposes an additional 10 percent grant reduction for every 12 months thereafter.


Two counties: Fond du Lac and Pierce

Start: 1/95

End: 12/06

24 months 2/97 End of cash assistance. Recipients may not reapply for 36 months unless an exemption is granted. Rent payments may be provided for an amount no more than the AFDC grant for children, if children would otherwise be at risk for homelessness.


W: work-requirement time-limit

R: reduction time-limit

T: termination time-limit


1996 or earlier 1997 1998 1999 2000 or later

Colorado (W)

Florida (W/T)

Massachusetts (W)

Michigan (W)

South Dakota (W)

Arizona (R)

California (W)

Connecticut (T)

Delaware (W)

Illinois (W/T)

Indiana (T)

Maryland (W)

Missouri (W)

Nebraska (T)

New Hampshire (W)

Oregon (T)

Texas (R)

Vermont (W)

Virginia (T)

Wisconsin (T)

Montana (W)

North Carolina (T)

South Carolina (T)

Tennessee (T)

Georgia (W)

Oklahoma (W)

District of Columbia (T)

Hawaii (T)

Washington (R)