Service Needs and Use of Welfare-Dependent Teenage Parents. Acknowledgments


Many people contributed in significant ways to the preparation of this report. Much of the information on the demonstration programs was provided by Melba McCarty, Yvonne Johnson, and Frank Ambrose, who oversaw the demonstration programs -- Project Advance in Chicago, Teen Progress in Newark, and Teen Progress in Camden, respectively. Janet DeGraaf and Bonnie Mccanko of the New Jersey Department of Human Services and Denise Simon, Dan Davis, David Gruenenfelder, and Charlie Mugler of the Illinois Department of Public Aid were extremely helpful during the information assembly process.

Nancye Campbell and Judith Reich, Project Officers for the Demonstration, and Reuben Snipper, Project Officer for the Evaluation, provided helpful guidance to us throughout the design and implementation of the project.

Anne Bloomenthal, West Addison, Lauren Beaumont, Fan Zhou, Sandra Scott, and Lynn Leubuscher constructed the data files and prepared the tabulations and graphs for the report, and John Homrighausen and Cindy Sirak directed the survey data collection. Marjorie Mitchell, Doreen Ambrose, Monica Capizzi, Debra Jones, and June Merritt produced the report.

We gratefully acknowledge these contributions and accept sole responsibility for any remaining errors or omissions in the report.