Screening and Assessment in TANF\Welfare-to-Work: Ten Important Questions TANF Agencies and Their Partners Should Consider. Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)


Barriers to be Identified
Alcohol or Drug Problems

Number and Types of Questions
Seventy-eight true/false and scaled questions

Target Population
Adults and adolescents ages 12-18

Methodological Information
The SASSI is an empirically validated screening and is effective as an aid in treatment planning. The instrument correctly classified substance dependent people in about 93 percent of all cases with approximately seven percent error in classifying nondependent people as dependent (false positives) and six percent error in classifying dependent people as nondependent (false negatives). 3

Self-administered, paper and pencil or computerized test that takes 10-15 minutes to take and less than five minutes to score. Must be scored by a trained caseworker. Caseworkers are trained by a SASSI consultant.

$75.00 for a manual, 25 questionnaires and profiles, scoring key, and a sample scored questionnaire with profile

Source or Publisher
The SASSI Institute
Route 2, Box 134
Springville, IN 47462

State(s) Believed to be Using

Florida Nevada Oklahoma
Kansas North Carolina Tennessee
New Jersey Oregon Utah
New Mexico    

3  See Lazowski, L.E., F.G. Miller, M.W. Boye, and G.A. Miller. Efficacy of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory - 3 (SASSI-3) in Identifying Substance Dependence Disorders in Clinical Settings. Journal of Personality Assessment, 71(1) 114-128, 1998.

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