Screening and Assessment in TANF\Welfare-to-Work: Ten Important Questions TANF Agencies and Their Partners Should Consider. Interview(Oregon) Questions


Barriers Identified
Domestic Violence

Number and Types of Questions
Thirty-five open-ended suggested questions to ask at each stage of a conversation on how to establish trust, how to broach the subject, how to identify patterns of abuse, how to assess the level of risk to the children, and the woman's history of seeking help.

Target Population
TANF clients statewide

Methodological Information
Oregon workers have found a disclosure rate of close to 50 percent, depending on where the client is in the domestic violence cycle.

Typically caseworkers use this as a guide to interview the client. Questions and comments listed in the guide are used by the interviewer to establish a trusting relationship with the client.


Source or Publisher
Adapted for use by Oregon Adult and Family Services staff from a handout from Bradley Angle House, Portland, OR after consulting with staff at the Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Services, Salem, OR

State(s) Believed to be Using

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