Screening and Assessment in TANF\Welfare-to-Work: Local Answers to Difficult Questions. Partner Organizations and Efforts to Establish Partnerships


TANF agencies in the study sites have a wide range of partners. In some cases these partners have had longstanding relationships with the TANF agency, while in other cases, new partnerships have formed as efforts to identify unobserved barriers have expanded. Although the capacity to meet all clients’ needs was not sufficient in every site, no site reported difficulty identifying potential partners. Some relationships between agencies were so longstanding that staff could not easily recall how partners were initially identified. In many sites, TANF agency staff were aware of organizations in the community with expertise addressing unobserved barriers to employment but had not worked closely with them. As efforts to identify the diverse needs of the TANF population have evolved, existing partnerships have expanded to include new partners, as well as the utilization of existing partners in new ways. In this section we discuss some skills and experiences partners offer and ways in which the study sites facilitate partnerships.

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