Screening and Assessment in TANF\Welfare-to-Work: Local Answers to Difficult Questions. Orientation


Another early point in the client flow where barrier identification may occur is during TANF orientation. Typically client orientations offer the opportunity to provide clients information about program services and requirements. Five of the six study sites conduct a group orientation for TANF clients, but they vary in the extent to which they use this as an opportunity to identify barriers. As noted previously, in Montgomery County, KS, the primary function of the orientation is the implementation of several formal assessment tools. Similarly, in Arlington, VA, clients must attend an orientation session at which three screening forms are completed. These forms collect a wide range of information including indications of the existence of unobserved barriers. Further, the mental health/substance abuse therapist who is co-located in the TANF office attends this portion of the orientation to discuss barriers and services available.


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