Screening and Assessment in TANF\Welfare-to-Work: Local Answers to Difficult Questions. Chapter Two: Profiles of the Study Sites


Efforts to identify unobserved barriers to employment are merely one aspect of the complicated, multi-faceted TANF programs operated by the study sites. To fully understand the identification efforts that are the focus of this report, it is important to understand key contextual features of each site. In this chapter we describe these important features, including the TANF policy context within which efforts to identify barriers are carried out. This chapter also offers an overview of each study site, specifically focusing on the reason the site was included in the study (e.g., use of specialized staff or combinations of staff to assist in barrier identification, use of formal screening tools, use of partners to identify and address barriers). This overview is intended to offer the reader a basic understanding of some of the important features of each site to enhance the crosscutting discussion of issues that comprise the remainder of the report.

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