Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation. Partnerships Among FBCOs


Finally, several FCLs focused on encouraging and facilitating partnerships among FBCOs, or between FBCOs and other private organizations. In Florida, the states strict constitutional language limited the FCLs ability to encourage state-FBCO partnerships. On the other hand, a major focus of the FCLs work with grantees in Florida funded through the CCF demonstration grant program was on building partnerships within the FBCO sector and between FBCOs and foundations and other private funders. In both Illinois and New Mexico, the FCLs felt that the great potential of the many FBCOs around the state could be better tapped if groups were working together, and these FCLs explicitly sought to encourage and support such collaborations. In the District of Columbia, the cohort structure of the FCLs two executive leadership programs (the Strengthening Partners Initiative and the Effi Barry initiative, both discussed in Chapter IV) facilitated formal and informal partnerships among participants, both during and after participation. A range of FBCO and other respondents suggested that the FCLs in most locations had been helpful in connecting FBCOs to each other to share resources and ideas, in building a sense of greater cohesion among potentially disparate organizations within the nonprofit sector, and in linking FBCOs to potential new private funding sources.

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