Role of State Faith Community Liaisons in Charitable Choice Implementation. The FCLs Key Activities and Practices


The FCLs in the study pursued a wide range of activities and practices to move the initiative forward in their sites. Most of the sites undertook a mix of both sector-specific activities focused on FBOs, CBOs, and/or the nonprofit sector more broadly, and issue-specific activities focused on particular public concerns or social problems in their locations. How explicitly they focused on implementing Charitable Choice regulations and equal treatment principles differed somewhat by site, as did the extent of inreach to and education of state and local agencies. But all sites strongly emphasized outreach to FBCOs and the development of various types of partnerships, both between public agencies and FBCOs and among FBCOs. Most also strongly emphasized training and technical assistance (TA) for broad capacity building. The varying availability of different funding streams appeared to contribute to different approaches, as did the FCLs varying missions, structures, and resources, and the context in which the function operated. In this chapter we describe the range of the FCLs activities, and highlight a number of their collaborative efforts with FBCOs and public agencies to address key issues within their states or localities.

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